greenleaf  Why Choose us?

If you are looking for dedicated servers or seedboxes, SeedCafe is the right site for you . We offer a wide variety of boxes ranging from 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s with unlimited bandwidth Servers come from different datacentres in Europe.No hidden charges, just the monthly fee.

greenleaf  What is a seedbox?

A seedbox is basically a server downloading and seeding a torrent for you. And when it's completed you can directly download the file from the server. Why is this better? A server can download and seed at much better speeds. For more information check out our Seedbox Page.

greenleaf  Superseed

A super seed is when you get a server to seed your torrent for you. This is very good if you want to promote your site but don't have a good upload speed. It is also great if your a member of a private tracker.