Question: Where is the server Hosted?
Answer: All our server is hosted in European Data Centers
Question: What is the server bandwidth?
Answer: Unmetered Bandwidth.
Question: How do i renew my service ..?
Answer: We remind you 5 days before the service expires,without payment the service stops and will be deleted.
Question: How to add a torrent?
Answer: In µTorrent - WebUi you can browse for the torrent to add manually or either choose to add url.
Question: How to download file using Ftp?
Answer: Easiest way would be type the link below in internet explorer ftp://username:password@serverurl:port then browse to your files and folder and right click save as or copy url.Another method is using a ftp client such as Filezilla CuteFTP
Question: How to Upload And Seed a Torrent?
  1. First create the torrent in your own computer
  2. Upload the content into the root directory of the server,make sure its exactly the same with no changes done.
  3. Upload the torrent file you created into the WebUI
  4. You are good to seed.
Question: How to Add torrents that require login/cookies?
Answer: To add torrents that require cookies, you must find the cookie for the site, and grab UID and pass from it.
  • IE users will find their cookies in %UserProfile%\Cookies
  • Firefox users will find their cookies inTools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies -> View Cookies
  • Opera users will find their cookies in Tools -> Advanced -> Cookies

Once you have the appropriate information, use this format for the feed URL: torrent
url :
Cookie : uid=xxxxx;pass=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Question: Why are there limits to active torrents ?
Answer: The limits are set because this prevents overloading the boxes and as a result users get satisfying speed.